Gym Week 4: Miscellany

This is the official last leg of my Build a Gym Habit self-challenge, and I do not think it is too early to grant myself the Achievement! Woot! Go me! +10 Points.

I have discovered that I LOVE the gym. I don’t know why it’s so fun, but it is! I can see myself doing this forever, it’s definitely a sustainable habit already. The only thing that baffles me is why I waited so long to do this. The mind is a funny thing, right? I have always absolutely hated exercise, but now I like it, or something? Who am I?!!?

The gym is fairly empty on Monday, which does not make sense to me. Starting the week off right seems important! I had the circuit room and the locker room all to myself, and I even got to change in a stall with a hairdryer! The hairdryer didn’t work, but just being near one was certainly upward mobility for me.

I was going to wait until after 4 weeks of cardio focus to start doing weight training stuff but I just could not resist the lure of those machines anymore. I will tell you about that but first I must tell you that THE ELLIPTICAL IS EVIL. Even more evil than my old nemesis the recumbent bike! It is somewhat more enjoyable than the recumbent bike though… I wanted to do a 10 minute cardio warm-up before hitting the circuit room weight machines, and I decided this would be a great opportunity to try the elliptical. Now in fairness to me, I think there was something wrong with the machine I chose. Every time I slowed down, the timer and such would start over. The volume to the TV would turn off. And I would have to set everything up again! This was very annoying! Oh lawd though, the burn in my legs from like 10 seconds on this machine was brutal, I do not know how people do this?! Yowza.

So anyway after a 5 minute (downgraded from 10 minutes because screw you, machine of aggravation!) my heart rate was sufficiently elevated from a mixture of irritation and terrifying elliptical-ness for me to skip off to the circuit room. I tried every machine on resistance settings between 1 and 4 (baby-steps, yo!). OH MY STARS BECKY. It was so much fun. Ahh lifting heavy things is SO MUCH FUN. This is all I want to do everrrrrrrrrrr. But I know cardio is kind of important especially for an obese person. I don’t know how people can be satisfied with cardio for hours every day when lifting is SO MUCH FUN. It feels SO good! I made myself do 10 minutes on the treadmill again after the circuit room to make sure I got enough active time in.

I really just want to do the circuit machines again tomorrow and reduce my cardio, but I feel like I should do only cardio tomorrow and hit the weights again on Wednesday and Friday. But I just want to lift. It is addictive. So on Wednesday I will do TWO circuits around the room instead of one! Or maybe just circuit machines again tomorrow. Squeee! *spins in indecision*

In other news, Something Terrible happened: I forgot to bring a bra for work. So I am wearing my “workout bra” at work, which is Even Worse than it would usually be, because it’s not my regular “Workout bra” it is my “home bra” which is called this because it is only worn at home when I want the gals to be free but not entirely free, if ya know what I mean. This thing is ancient; the underwires fell out back when Bush Jr was wondering why they call it a cabinet meeting if there aren’t even any dang cabinets in here! On the positive side of this, it was only worn today, so it does not have multiple days of workout funk all up in it. I will let you marinate in the awesome mental imagery this conjures up for awhile.


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