About my header.

Yeah my header totally needs an about page of it’s own, because just look at that beastly, magnificent creation. Look at it! Did you look at it yet? Alright, I am satisfied that you have looked at the header.

I made it. With my hands. And a Wacom tablet. It is awful. It is only the second time I have ever used a drawing tablet in my Entire Life. So I have a reason for attaching this hideous creation to my slice of internet, and it is this: I want to learn to draw stuff. And I want to show my progress evolving over time, as I learn to use this table and evolve my header into something truly glorious. An archive of old headers will be kept here for my mixed embarrassment and pride.

The above was written on May 19th, 2014 at 11:53 AM. Approximately 10 minutes after creation of my original header.


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