Jhazmin Joins a Gym – Week 1 Recap

So yes, I decided to join a gym. And then I decided to post about it on Facebook. Now I have decided that it would be better to document this journey on my blog! So here we are. This post is going to feature the Facebook posts recreated here for posterity plus a few random bits of observation.

I have seen some things at the gym this week. This is them, in no particular order:

A naked old lady talking to people including me in the locker room with no idea other people were awkward about it. She said “HAH!” a lot.

Very large people doing very intense cardio for a very long time. I fear for their hearts. I assume they must have been going at this for awhile and know their own limits… if I tried to emulate them at this stage of my journey, I might actually, literally and figuratively, die.

The guy who skips leg day! Yes this is really a thing. This intensely beefcake dude milling around the machines, looking like a shorter angrier rendition of Wesley Snipes in Blade… until you got to his legs. Then it was a bit like Urkle. 😛 Hard to take his posturing at the machines seriously after that.

A lady reading a magazine on a stair climber. Was it propped on the machine? No! She was holding it. She has better coordination than me.

I barely fit in the shower stalls, so that’s a little challenging. Naked in public is terrifying especially for someone who hates their body as I do. DID. I don’t hate my body anymore because self-love etc, or something.

Day 1:

Monday Face

Selfie whaaaat?! I hardly ever take pix of myself because I don’t really like what I see. (Not compliment fishing, simple truth.) But I feel good today: it was my first day at the gym! I spent 20 minutes on a treadmill at 2.5 mph and 1% incline which was child’s play compared to everyone around me but at least I was there! And I’m proud of that. Also being naked in a public place for the first time? Scary! But showering before work is a must so I better get used to it. ‪#‎selfimprovement‬ ‪#‎pursuitofhealth‬

Day 2:

The Devil Incarnate

THE DEVIL, BASICALLY! Omg today at the gym was so hard. Obviously I am not a person good at staying consistent with exercise, but this machine killed my problem foot arch and my knee of left leg. I had to stop after 5 minutes and do the treadmill again. And on that I tried the “fat burn” mode which added inclines sometimes. Overall today felt far more painful and far less effective than yesterday. Normally this is where i give up. NO ONE there was as big as me and I can’t believe they were ever this fat and out of shape. It feels impossible for me to ever get better. But I will go back tomorrow. ‪#‎thestruggle‬ ‪#‎weightloss‬ ‪#‎pursuitofhealth‬ ‪#‎devilbike‬‪#‎exercisesucks‬

Day 3:

Day 3 at the gym. Not much to report other than that <snip>co-worker</snip> was there too! High fives all around, today was better than yesterday. Onward! I may start journaling this on my blog. Yeah I have a blog. *hairflip*

Day 4:

Gym day 4! Went well. Treadmill then stretches. Saw a lot of fat folks there today which made me feel good because they’re like me and also they’re trying to get active too. I need a new sports bra and some headphones asap. Neck pain is killing me. Note to large busted ladies: racer back bras are NOT your friends.

Day 5 (that’s today!):

Day 5 at the gym was very hard. From the moment I woke up I didn’t want to go. I procrastinated by cuddling cats even though I knew I had to get gas on the way. I dreaded arriving at the gym every step of the way and was very late. Finally slogged on to the treadmill and only did 13 minutes including cool down, no incline, no bursts of speed like I usually do. My calves HURT and I feel like shit. Today was the first day I REALLY didn’t want to go and don’t feel better for having done so. But I did go so I guess that’s something. So goal achieved: cardio all 5 days of the week. Can I go back to bed now? Nooooope it’s work time!

feeling bummed.


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